Stepped into 2016 with this on my mind …

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Another year with YOU, those who devote themselves to reading the notes I’m TRULY writing to myself (lol). I saw this quote on the only place quotes are even considered online (INSTA) — It said 2015 was the warm-up and guys I really believe that.

2016 is a my year of great expectation and I hope the same for you. — I’m going to start Theme-ing my years. SO lets start now. My two theme words for this year are FAITH and COMMITMENT.

  1. FAITH in that I am going to devote myself to striving toward child-like belief in the things God can do in my life. I think that subconsciously – I always limit the things God can do to a select number of things that I believe I am capable of. Very debilitating. God is all powerful and can do immeasurably more than we could ever ask for or imagine – It is written!


    2. COMMITMENT in that I’m committing to a commitment with my dreams. Do you follow? (hah). It’s a scary decision to      make, when you decide to discard convention, diving all in and do YOU. I’m embracing the the people who may think I’m insane — BUT I’m choosing passion and what I feel my God given purpose is.

What are your words for the year if you had to choose some, I’d love to know. Thanks again and again for reading and let’s kick off a fantastic 2016! Check below for the outfit details.

hackney t-shirt aritzia

hackney t-shirt aritzia

hackney t-shirt aritzia

hackney t-shirt aritzia

hackney t-shirt aritzia

Shoes: Le Chateau Booties || Jacket: Biker Jacket || Top: Aritzia || Skirt: American Apparel

4 replies on “Stepped into 2016 with this on my mind …”

Commitment is definitely something I stuck with last year. One of the things I am sticking to this year is determination. I am determinded to get out there and have an adventure and see the world for what it really is and also to save money for more experiences and not things I don’t need. Love your outfit by the way girl. Very nice!

Isobel x
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My two words are GROWTH and REST. GROWTH because since I’ve done the work at solidifying a firm foundation, now I am expecting the seeds that I’ve planted to grow and bear fruit. REST is because no matter what has to get done and how busy I think I am, I must make time to rest if I am going to be able to stay consistently creative and productive.

I am enjoying your posts : )

Amazing words Roxanne! Yes, there are many people who need you to stay creative and productive! #ME included, you’re a blessing.
Thanks again for reading!

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