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All Natural Beauty Products: Christmas Gift Guide

* All descriptions have been taken from the product websites. Some paraphrasing may have been done* Jingle BELLS, Jingle BELLS – Jingle all the way to the natural section of your local department store. Jus Kiddin’. Anyone Christmas shopping for a lady in your life who is annoyingly ingredient conscious? I have to admit – […]

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Shopping Guide: November 2015

*Some of these items have been included through sponsorship* – Opinions are 100% my own* Where my internet shoppers at? If you LIVE on the internet like I do, you’re likely to come across a thing of two – OR three, you’ll want to add to your closet. I always do and I’m sharing the […]

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Best grey coats under $200

Hey … Grab a mug, have a seat *Sips instant coffee*. I have a little tale for today. Before the holidays I was on a desperate search for a coat. Not just ANY coat – But THE coat that would become my go-to; embodying everything I’ve ever needed in an article of clothing. Ok, it’s not […]

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Pretty nail rings to get now

I bite my nails, and as a result have never been a girl to get into nail polish – or rings for that matter.  However, this trend is one I’d like to get into. It may be physically impossible for me to rock nail rings. I’m sure ‘fingernails’  are among the minimum criteria for this […]