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Pretty nail rings to get now

I bite my nails, and as a result have never been a girl to get into nail polish – or rings for that matter.  However, this trend is one I’d like to get into. It may be physically impossible for me to rock nail rings. I’m sure ‘fingernails’  are among the minimum criteria for this trend to work, but it’s free to dream. While I’m busy trying to find a way to make this trend work for me, check out these 5 pretty nail rings that can be purchased online.

1. BIJULES Gold-tone Nail Ring ($367) 

2. Full Finger Nail Cover Ring ($6.00 USD)

3. Asherali Knopper Black Gold And Black Diamond Nail Ring ($2,684.00) 

4. HolyPink Outstanding Quality Finished Metal Gold Nail Ring ($10.98)

5. Rare Gold Multi Pack Stack Midi Rings ($10.99)

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