Easy like Sunday Morning !

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Hey All ! 

Ok .. So those of you who follow me on instagram are surely confused at this point! This post was supposed to be up on Saturday and surely did not happen. See what had happened was LOL ….. I had a sorority sleepover to attend this weekend and brought my SD card to assemble the post on my soror’s lappy at her place —- Turned on her laptop …. and THEN realized my photos. were shot in Raw photo mode and I could not get them open on her computer. So therefore, couldn’t post 🙁  BUT TA-DA —- Here it is today! My apologies to all who were waiting 🙂 

So this right here —- Is my Easter Sunday much overdue look!!!!

I was battling on whether to post these at all because I hated the lighting this day — However, I love this look —- SO LOVE WON! I was feeling very inspired on Easter Sunday by the warm weather that I had to pull out COLOR!!! Oh … and Resurrection Sunday deserves all the color it can get; such a joyous occasion! 

Look down below for my outfit details 🙂 (: .. If interested, of-course! 

1. Dress: Forever21

2. Shoes: Suzy Sheir Toronto

3. Bag: Ebay

4. Collar Necklace, Bracelet, and Ring: Ebay

Thanks to all those who tune in! Be on the lookout for another post later this week. I am going to fight through the busy exam period at school and still post. SCOUTS HONOR! 🙂  

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LOVE UUUUUU and see you there!! 

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