The Rusty Bridge

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Happy Happy Thursday !! 

SO the week is almost over surprisingly and I don’t have too many complaints — Prepping for exams, meeting with professors, social-media’ing for my internship, and just pretty much living @ school! Cannot complain however — I am ever grateful for every blessing that I count and for all those I fail to acknowledge! 

Okie so onto these photogs. — This rusty little ol’ bridge near my house was concealed with snow from the treacherous winter and I had completely forgotten it existed! Given the favourable weather high’s we’ve been blessed with lately,followed by the melting away of snow —-TA-DA, It revealed itself and completely inspired me !!!

It was then that I thought to myself  —- This tarnished little bridge is SOOOO post location worthy! So here we are — Me and the rusty ol’ bridge! LOL

Anywho, I featured this lace top in a post called “Lacey Love” when I first began blogging because I LOVE it and uh —- Still do, but here it is as a complete look!

Hope you like the look as much as I do ! It’s a very minimalist look because I wanted the top to take center stage ! I just think it is great on its own without much jewelry! That’s Just Meeeee though :)! Hope you like this minimal approach as well! 


1. Top: Ebay

2. Jeans: UB — Years AGO (Oh Lawd)

3.Hat and Backpack: ALDO

4.Watch: American Eagle Outfitters

5: Shoes: JC’s

**For a few of the links in each post, you will notice the link takes you directly to the item. Many of the things I buy are in store — and these items tend to deplete from online inventory fairly quickly; therefore, the direct links to an item will only be available for online purchases still available online. Otherwise, I will link to the store : )  

Have a Fab day and God bless you! MUAH 





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