Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Luxury Getaway

Bonjour Madame!

This was the greeting I was pleased to receive when passing almost any hotel staffer during my stay at the iconic Chateau Frontenac. The hotel overlooks the glorious St. Lawrence river; it really is something to see. Absolutely stunning!

My husband’s 30th birthday was FANTASTIC.

We spent 3 luxurious days at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City. Highlights of the getaway included our time at the Moments Spa and afternoon tea at Place Dufferin on the property. The afternoon tea experience was my first, and absolutely one to remember. The delicate girlish detail on the anniversary china added to the sensory experience of it all.

Room 7129 was ours. It’s interesting that I can remember the number now, because I couldn’t during the stay.  My husband, toddler and I walked into the room around 1:00 PM on Friday July 5, exhausted from the train ride with an irritable baby. Hungry too. We dropped our luggage and quickly went hunting for food. We settled for LE CHIC SHACK – a high energy burger and salad joint about a 1 minute walk from the hotel. It was the closest place for us to grab a meal, which is why I say “we settled” BUT believe me, it was one of the tastiest meals we had all weekend.

After our quick bite, I met the knowledgeable marketing manager for a tour of the Frontenac. He briefed me on the history of the hotel and all the intimate stories that have travelled from staffer to staffer from decade to decade. Listen to this one: There’s a Frontenac tale about a WWII soldier writing to his beloved. One of the letters the soldier wrote was apparently found jammed in the mail chute decades later. Beautiful.

I was also taken for a walk in the lounge where Fairmont Gold members were having lunch and canapés. The Gold club is a more LUXURIOUS accommodation option within the same hotel. A hotel within a hotel, I’d say. The rooms are more detail oriented, and the experience offers additional luxury and perks. You gotta pay to go GOLD ; )

I return back to the room to find an (all they way ASLEEP) adult and toddler. Hannah Rae was sleeping in her stroller – and my husband John passed out on the perfectly dressed all white bed.

Ahh. Quiet. Just the time I need to get started on some work. I sent some emails, and started populating my Instagram story from the room desk! The window right in front of me as I work on my laptop points to old Quebec City. If you’re familiar with QB City, this is the area with the highly photographed hanging umbrellas. I wasn’t able to grab my photo there. Tsk, Tsk!

This trip feels like its going to be a great time!

The naps have been had, and the first of my social media footage has been posted. CHECK! So we make our way into the city. Horses trotting, children screaming, buskers busking – can you picture the sound and sights of QB City? It’s what I’d imagine Europe to feel, smell and look like since I’ve never been. Someday soon.

After taking a stroll around the city, we set out to find somewhere to have a nice dinner. I WAS extremely EAGER to try one of the restaurants at the Hotel, but there were no available reservations for the time we needed. I called into LE SAM, a laid back bistro on the property. I unfortunately hadn’t called early enough. Of course, there were other restaurants to choose from at the hotel, but my options we’re limited with a baby who I KNEW at some point would likely get antsy. Not exactly the situation I wanted to find myself in at a fine dining establishment at the Frontenac.

We settled for a cozy restaurant 8 minutes away by foot called Portofino. We had a three course dinner – starting with fried risotto and continued on to a fillet mignon steak and trout fillet for hubby. We sipped martinis and ended with a sweet something (I cant actually remember what it was lol).  This birthday dinner was cut short by our toddler’s cry – signalling that she was equal parts tired and frustrated that she couldn’t get more dessert. It was time to GO! <3

DAY TWO – We are up bright and early for breakfast at PLACE DUFFERIN – A breakfast buffet that isn’t like most you’ve seen. This one was elegant and elevated. The crépes were my absolute favourite and the eggs were cooked to perfection. I particularly enjoyed my latte. The service was top notch and the staff friendly. I was excited we would get to return for breakfast the next morning since it was included in our booking.

After breakfast, I worked some more from the hotel room and posted a GIVEAWAY that I was hosting on INSTAGRAM for a free stay at the hotel. In came the messages of hope! The messages of people being vocal about how much they’d wish to win in the comments section. I know how it feels, I’ve entered my fair share of INSTAGRAM Contests ; ) .

At 3:30pm came our reservation for Afternoon tea, a part of the trip we were really looking forward to. The tea service began with us choosing our tea. A friendly face and bright smile approached us with a bowl of fruit in a syrup to wet our appetite as we chose our teas. I choose the Canadian Ice wine infusion and hubby choose a creamy tea blend called the Kenyan Girl. We steeped for about 4 minutes and took our first sips. Both enjoyable, Hubby’s more than mine admittedly.

Next up – we’re the scones. One plain, with a burst of flavour and another with jalapeños and cheese – don’t quote me. I coated mine with the house whipped cream. John, my husband, with the jam. YUM. Following the scones were the horderves and mini sandwiches. There were so many textures and flavours, it was wonderful. The dessert course was as tasty as it was beautiful to look at. The whole experience was quite visual. I fell in love with the anniversary china set that I was told was sold in the gift shop. I didn’t get the chance to visit. I was hoping to pick something up, but time got the best of us on most days.

Hight tea was really great!

We ended the day with dinner in our room and an evening of conversation in the pillowy bedding at the hotel. When I make it someday, my first purchase will be the bedding (and BED) used in luxury hotels. A girl sure CAN – and DOES dream.

SUNDAY – the day we leave. I wake up and make a call to the concierge to request a later check out. I am told it can be made possible at a fee of 25$. We agree that’s well worth it. We need the time because our train isn’t until 3:00 and we need to PACK! After a warm shower with my ROSE 31 body wash, we head down to Place Dufferin for the last time. Delicious as usual, but I’m not feeling my best this morning. I have a tummy ache and can’t get much down at all without feeling like it will come right back up. I ate a variety of foods all weekend, more sweets and alcohol than typical – I’m sure that is the culprit. I asked the friendly staff to pack up my plate for later if my appetite returns – and he is happy to.

We leave the buffet and I visit the Starbucks on the property for a warm something to carry with me. We head back to the room, then head out on the town one last time to grab some last minute shots for THIS blog post as well as Instagram. The walk was nice. We strolled on the boardwalk over looking the St. Lawrence river while involuntarily sunbathing. It was pretty hot. The baby napped and we worked. It was the outcome I had hoped for. It was the outcome I was granted!

On our train ride home – I often flashed back to the buttery flakey scones, friendly Bonjours from hotel staff, and the noisy horse carriages that walked passed the front of the property. Beautiful hotel, luxury stay. You’ve got to visit the gorgeous Chateau Frontenac!

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