NUNA RAVA CARSEAT: Why it’s a great choice for your baby


Looking for a car seat for your child can bring up many different emotions. My primary concern was safety when shopping. In my opinion, this should always be first. I was also looking for a seat that I could use for a long time before transitioning my baby girl to the next stage of seats. It was very important for me to own a quality product that would last and maintain it’s appearance and function for future kids to come.


I own the NUNA PIPA car seat, which I brought my daughter home in – and also own the NUNA MIXX2 stroller. It’s safe the say the brand holds a special place in mu life. Naturally, I knew id be interested in the NUNA RAVA convertible car seat, but sadly It wasn’t available in Canada when I was ready to purchase it. The week, I set out to buy a different seat from a different brand – it was announced for sale in Canada and I was SO HAPPY.

I came across a YOUTUBE channel called GROWING HUMANS where a mom was sharing a story about losing her 3 year old son due to a lack of knowledge around car seat safety. You can imagine my ears piped up as I tuned in to listening to this woman share a piece of her life that will forever shape her days. She set out on a mission following the death of her son to educate parents around car seat safety. The brand that she owned and specifically the car seats she purchased for her 2 kids under the age of 4 were the NUNA RAVA

Let’s JUMP right in to some of the SAFETY FEATURES that confirmed the RAVA to be the Car seat for my family.


  1. The NUNA RAVA contains energy absorbing foam and has a special SIDE IMPACT technology to help protect your child in the case of a side impact collision.
  2. The seat has an all steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection
  3. No re-thread 5 point harness, which means that the harness straps cannot be removed and re-threaded to a different position. This stuck out for me because it took the guess work out of where the straps should be. It comes pre done and if your child needs adjusting you do it at the head rest level by lifting the head rest up and down.
  4. The headrest has ten positions! AMAZING
  5. Infant head and body inserts are removable to grow with baby
  6. No re-thread two position crotch strap
  7. Recline angle guides confirm the perfect riding angle. There is a one position recline in the Canadian models which slightly differ from the American model
  8. True tension™ doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without the struggle
  9. Coloured belt path indicators help decrease risk of user error
  10. Ventilation panels within the shell and breathable (and washable!) knit fabric create a comfy climate for even the longest of trips
  11. The best installation method is the Vehicle Seat Belt as it eliminates confusion of when to switch from Lower Anchors to Vehicle Seat Belt, fits more vehicle makes, and fits more seating positions
  12. Harness must be done up (no twisted), chest clip at nipple/arm pit level with no slack in the harness, when rear facing harness is at or below the shoulders and child is wearing a light jacket (thin layers, no snow suits or puff coats)

13. The anti-rebound bar must be used in rear facing mode to maximize safety

14.  Usage: Rear-facing 5-40 lbs.; forward-facing 25-65 lbs and 49” or less.

15. Calf support must always be used (both rear and forward facing)

16. When rear facing and using the seat belt, it is important that the Shoulder Belt clip is used. You must insert ONLY the shoulder belt into the Shoulder Belt Clip on the opposite side of the vehicle buckle. This is often overlooked.  

17.  All harness covers, crotch buckle cover and waist covers must be removed when the infant reaches 11lbs.



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