The June Motel (Prince Edward County) Day Trip!

Ok, from what you have already seen – picture (wise) Doesn’t this place look so cool? Pictures truly don’t do it justice. The June Motel is located in quaint PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY, known for Sandbank Provincial Park, home to a gorgeous beach that many from Ottawa frequent in the summer!

Hey friends, from the June Motel!

My friend Ornella and I drove down to Prince Edward County with excitement to create cute content for Instagram. And that we did! We drove in on a chilly Thursday evening and got straight to work.

The space is glorious. Very cozy and easy to look at. This is the lobby where you check in and are greeted with a flute of rose wine!

Now, let’s have a look at the room we stayed in

Let’s start with the wallpaper. How fun! It was a pattern and texture party in that room, let me tell ya! Countless sensory things to note and so visually appealing. The room was very clean and comfortable. Our room even came with a sound machine to lull you to bed (that we didn’t end up using however).

If you’re into PINK, you’re in for a treat! Pink accents can be found all over the motel grounds. Never overstated, or overdone. Like these Pink doors above. Super well done and great for those photo opportunities you cant walk away from.

The motel was so sweet, they wrote me a welcome note and left me some rose filled chocolates that I ended up eating around 2AM when I got peckish.

Can I get an AMEN! ^^^^

The Food

Book the DINE & STAY package starting at 219$ CAD and includes 100$ food voucher for two adults ****

We were in a rush to make it to our 6:00 reservation to Bloomfield Public House, but had to push it back because business called! (Photo taking lol). When we finally made it, we were greeted by friendly staff and the aroma of what we’d soon find out was DELICIOUS food. The food was real good. My favourite was the shrimp toast that we had to start! We went on to have some oysters and pappardelle pasta (OH and) friend chicken! If you are considering a stay at THE JUNE you have got to considered the DINE & STAY package that includes a $100 voucher to dine at Bloomfield Public House! (& order all the shrimp toast your heart wants)! *offered for a limited time

Ornella and got to witness all the food prep (we had a seat right at the bar facing the kitchen)!

Cant wait to revisit the county

There are so many things I didn’t get to do in the Prince Edward County. I plan to visit again soon (It’s only 2.5 hours out from Ottawa). I didn’t get to visit Sandbanks Beach due to weather and would have loved to walk the streets and get a greater appreciation of the town and food. If you are planning to visit, some things you can do depending on the time of year you visit –

  1. Wine tours
  2. Sandbanks provincial park
  3. Lavender fields
  4. Lake on the mountain resort

Signing out from THE JUNE MOTEL

This place makes you look SO COOL ; )

Check our the vlog on my Youtube channel from the day we spent at The June!

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