Skinny and pregnant: What it’s REALLY like

I thought about writing this piece as a perspective – from my vantage point of being slim and 6 months pregnant.

Ok, so where do I start. I’ve been skinny my whole entire life. Never known a diet, never EVER had to watch what I eat and let’s just say I haven’t always been proud of this as an adolescent. But as I grew and matured into myself – I learned how to LOVE, clothe and care for my (often commented on body). Yes, for those who may not understand or believe me – Skinny people get the MOST bizarre body comments. I once had someone tell me that they were happy to see me eating at an event because they had assumed I starved myself (*laughing the whole way through that disgusting comment*). I even remember a time growing up when I told my mom not to buy me sleeveless tops that showed my arms because people called them scrawny. When people make comments to or about skinny girls, I can understand that it may not ALWAYS be malicious. There are those, Ive come to understand, who are trying to compliment you because they truly admire SLIM (which is all fine and nice). But growing up as a young girl, any comment (even the quote on quote compliments) makes you start to wonder “if something is wrong with you”.  Through the compliments/comments about your size all you hear is that you are not the ‘ideal’ – not the standard of woman.

But like I said, despite all this growing up, somewhere along the way I began to see my fast metabolism as a blessing. I mean I eat what I want, I can wear clothes forever, my now husband LOVES slim girls! It was working for me! And plus my God doesn’t make mistakes and every meticulous detail about me was planned and purposed from the foundation of the earth.


And then I got pregnant this year, and all of a a sudden the comments started to affect me again. I began to feel like a little girl all over again. I guess for every slim chick who has ever had body issues – You think, ok, this is the time I will be able to put on a healthy weight and just maybe I’ll be accepted into this ever coveted and oh so fictitious “woman’s club”. And then NOTHING. Two months pregnant, Nothing. 4 months, nothing. 6 months, oh still nothing. And then even MORE comments. Someone even expressed to me recently that they speculated I was dieting during my pregnancy. *Really though* . Then there are those who ALWAYS talk about how tiny I am for how far I am, and then the worry sets in. The worry about how my appetite has been. *My appetite is raging just fine, and if you don’t move out the way I might just eat YOU* (Ive thought about saying that a time or two LOL). The looks of shock and despair when I tell people I am more than half way there – would make your day if only you could be there to witness my daily interactions. I guess we are more comfortable (as a people) with a women gaining double her body weight in pregnancy as proof that she is truly pregnant and caring for the precious gift laying in her womb.

But it’s all good, I’m blessed beyond deserving and so I smile to keep momma and baby happy on the inside. Then again, just like when I was a little girl – I began to find myself starting to look inward … judging, scrutinizing, wondering why I’m not like “most women”. Is there something wrong?

BUT THEN I gotta be reminded that the answer is NO. Every time I feel my precious one kicking and moving on the inside of me, AND every time God gives me a word about my child and who they will be – I’m reminded. The both of us have been made in His perfect image and we are perfectly and uniquely fine.


I wrote this because the world is a complicated place LOL, for a lack of better words. Some thinks that the woman who doesn’t struggle with her weight has no real issues. DEAD WRONG. My disclaimer to the world is simply this: My baby bump may not be what you are use to seeing at 6 months, but please don’t let it offend you. Please don’t speculate that I am not ok. I’m not malnourished or anorexic (trust me, I’ve heard it all over this lifetime), I am my version of woman. I am bold, confident AND insecure, intelligent, sexy, brave, God fearing, contemplative – all the same things as you (Feminine). We’re all so different and it’s ALL GOOD!

So for the next 3 months of this journey, please excuse my figure flaunting attire to come. I WILL enjoy being a skinny preggo and I WILL love myself.





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Love this post!! I want to be like you when I grow up tbh and you’re really rocking the skinny and pregnant look and as long as baby and mama are fine, it doesn’t matter the amount of weight you gain. Really all that matters is the tiny one growing inside you.. Enjoy the remaining 14 weeks!!

I went through the same thing when I was younger. Everyone thought I looked anorexic & would make comments. I didn’t gain weight until I was pregnant for the first time at 21 and then I blew up! I ended up getting below my pre-baby weight a while after baby #1 but baby #2 (& #3!) made sure that never happened again. LOL…I am about 20 pounds more now (10 years after last baby) than I was before babies & I look “healthy”. Looking back at old pics of me, I did look anorexic! I really wasn’t though…I love food too much!

Everyone’s body is different. I think that as long as you & the baby are healthy, that is all that matters. Congrats!

Thanks Jess! Wow, see – Everyone is so unique! Sometimes as a small girl you just hope you can gain 5 pounds or so, so everyone can finally shut up. LOL but I bet with weight gain comes a whole new set of comments <3 The cycle never ends I can imagine. Women really go through it!!

I think you’re looking gorgeous and all women carry their bump differently! First time round I hardly showed at all until the end, this time round there was no hiding it early on. Either way comments still seem to come thick and fast. You just enjoy the journey lovely x

Thanks for dropping by dear Lori <3 You're right, all women are so unique and it's a wonderful thing. It's too bad some people dont see how they come off sometimes with their words. THANKS AGAIN <3

I just had to stop and comment on this because I too am a “skinny girl”. I also have a fast metabolism (and still at age 32!), and it is not often I see posts, or anything from our types . I have never been pregnant, and we think it is because of my weight (which fast metabolism at this age could be due to a thyroid problem) because no matter what I do I can not gain. I hear the same comments I did as a kid, but I am proud not only do I have a slim figure, it is a healthy slim(besides the possible thyroid problem I am balancing out through now taking vitamins) – I only got sick once last year! It’s funny how People think I am crazy for doing yoga and very physically demanding jobs and activities and may pick on me for being skinny, but then say they wish I had my body and clothes when they see how sculpted I am in certain parts and never call off sick out of anything. I hope your little one is healthy, and arrives without complications.

Thanks Jillian! It isn’t easy filtering through the comments and perceptions and getting to the truth. The truth is you are healthy and wonderfully made! Thanks for stopping by 😀

You are so BEAUTIFUL
I have been slim all my life and it just seemed like there was something wrong with me. I had the curves and figure but there was a kind of insecurity being skinny brought because it seemed being on the thicker side was the ‘accepted’ body standard. As I grow and mature I have realized that I am fine. Just like you said, I am my own version of woman. Skinny, intelligent and beautiful.

Thank you so much for this post.
It is so valuable, you don’t want to know how much.

P.S you are really hot. Pregnancy looks good on you.

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