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Vitruvi Oil Diffuser

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I’m obsessed with diffusing oils. It’s like one of the things I use to get me to that zen place (Prayer works too)! I had heard all these great things about diffusing oils and sleep on mommy blogs I was reading while I was preparing for the arrival of my little girl (Who is now 5 MONTHS whaaaa). So like any responsible mama to be – I got my hands on the most stylish diffuser I know by Vitruvi.

This diffuser has been shown so much love on my IG account – so here is a full comprehensive look at why I love her so much.



The body is stone (porcelain) and it comes in white or black. When you take the lid off of this bad boy you know you are dealing with a luxury product. It has great hardware. Durable and sturdy is how I’d describe her. The exterior is textured and the porcelain has a matte finish. It’s also handcrafted – and the unique shape is similar to other diffusers on the market but truly one of a kind when you take a closer look.

The Vitruvi uses ultrasonic technology which keeps the oils diffusing without compromising the authenticity of the oil. It comes with a bottom ring light to help you set the mood for relaxation (or whatever else you may be using it for). It’s great.

It can run for up to 7.5 hours and has a safety feature that causes the machine to turn off when out of water.


  • My favourite combination for a lovely scent is YLANG YLANG and Lemon
  • For sleep I diffuse LAVENDER alone for the baby (Classic) *I’m not so fancy when it comes to her*

    I love this girl, Vitruvi. She is a staple in my daily routine most days. I live in a condo – so she fills the room quite nice when left in the living room. If you live in a larger space, consider getting TWO if you want to REALLY ingest what you are diffusing. The diffuser is rather heavy because of what it is made of – so be careful when transporting that it doesn’t drop. I’ve dropped the lid a time or two, so I’m thankful for the quality and thickness of the stone. It allows for some wear and tear and human-ness (like dropping).

  • The retail price for the diffuser is $119. This is a little steeper in price than a lot of diffusers on the market, but the quality justifies the cost.




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