Style Your Home Office Like a Boss

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Style your home office

Ok, we all know the myth. Your home is supposed to be your retreat from the daily grind. Your respite from all things stressful. Your place to tune out and zen in. Go ahead, enjoy the fantasy (we’ll wait). But don’t spend too long zoning out. Life waits for no woman (regardless of how amazing she is) and yours is begging for some executive order. Check out our 5 tips for styling your home office and you’ll be crushing it like a boss in no time.

#1: It’s Not the Size that Matters

You could make a feast out of ramen noodles in college. Your twenties found you stretching your budget like a Coupon Queen. And no one can make a $30 bottle of shampoo last longer than you. You, girl, can do a lot with a little. So why are you still paying bills from the kitchen table? No need to forgo the home office experience just because a spare room isn’t part of your floor plan. Embrace the space and find that inspirational sweet spot to call your own.

Take a look at your home décor. Are you utilizing your space to the max? Roll up your sleeves and channel your inner design diva. All you need is some free floor space, an outlet and a cute little desk or table to get ‘operation you’ up and running.

Still not sure you want your work space out for everyone to see? Bargain hunt for a stylish armoire or entertainment cabinet to convert into a desk with shelves that you can close off when you clock out. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a spare closet (as if) then consider turning this little gem into your very own cloffice (converted closet office, of course) with a little DIY elbow grease. Whatever your design challenge, we’re confident you can solve it with a little boss-lady ingenuity.

#2: Let There Be Light

No one feels productive in the dark and a dreary home office is not the place to spark inspiration. Brighten up your daily must-dos by placing your office space of choice near a window and let those sunbeams highlight your achievements for the day. Dress up your space with simple drapes or roman shades so as not to linger too long on those gazing-out-the-window-daydreaming moments and instead bask in the natural glow of your now-empty-Inbox (dreams really do come true).

If a window is not a possibility (sigh) then get creative with your illuminating options. Consider hanging pendant lights from the ceiling to achieve that light bulb ‘a-ha!’ moment you’ve been working towards. Want to keep it simple? A stylish floor lamp nearby or a small desk lamp are good options for burning the midnight oil and shining a light on the multitask master that is you.

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#3 Clutter-Free Zone

Style your home office -2You’re a lady with a mission and that mission is to win at life. No need to get bogged down with the non-essentials. Create a clutter free zone to better help you focus on the tasks at hand and you will have more time to let the fun you out to play.

When supervising a department of one, distractions are your biggest enemy. Don’t waste your time procrastinating by organizing the mess that is your desk. Instead do your best to keep your work surface as clear as possible. Go vertical with hanging wall folders to store papers that need more immediate attention. Add shelving above your desk to hold your occasionally used office supplies like this stylish Kate Spade stapler or Kate Spade desk accessories.

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#4:Comfy Cozy

Working as hard as you do, it’s important to remember to sit back and relax. No mal-adjusted office chairs in this worker’s retreat. Find a comfortable and stylish club chair to place behind your desk for that extra level of posh. If there’s room, invest in an accent chair or small sofa for those visiting clients (or post-lunch naps).

And don’t forget to schedule a few office-mandatory breaks amongst your busy workload. Have a pair of these fun Lilly Pulitzer ear buds on hand to help you zone out (or zone in) at any moment.

#5: A Dash of Personality

Style your home office-3

We know you’re all business when you’re on the job, but we also know a woman like you wouldn’t be where she is without a shining personality to pave the way. No need to let that sparkle fade out when you clock in. Bring a little personality into your office space to remind you of why you do what you do.

Choosing the right colour palette is no small feat when styling your home office. Keep the palette cool and calm with blue or green walls to get those creative juices flowing. Or go all white with pops of vibrant colour tied in with throw pillows or blankets to get that serene feeling you’ll need during a stressful conference call.

A favourite quote or photo framed above your desk can add a much needed pick me up during an 11th hour grind. Add some chic to your space with a vintage typewriter or other whimsical desk decoration mixed amongst your books. Whatever your style, remember that when it comes to office accessories less is more, or else risk distraction.

Whatever operation you’re fronting from home, we’re confident a stylish work space will help you stay motivated. And then you better get ready for success. Because you didn’t work this hard to stay where you are. You have ceilings to shatter. And it’s only a matter of time.


21 replies on “Style Your Home Office Like a Boss”

I have a laptop that gets dragged around my house. I do however have a desk that needs to be clean that sits next to a nice bright window. My desk may also need that cute pineapple.

Having a cozy home to come back to or to work from is a meditation. Colors of a house tells you the personality of the owner and has effect on your moods.

Can’t wait for the day I get to have my own home office. My bedroom is my temporary home office and it can get very cramped but this post is inspiring me to get there someday!!! Love the decorating tips! Following your blog <3

Great tips. Ah, ah keep my work surface as clean as possible would be a great challenge for me ! I’m also a big fan of having lots of lights in the room. I will definitively take some inspiration to improve my at home work area.

My dining room is my office but I would love to have separate, so I could set up permanently. Funning you mention that you should sit near a window but that is exactly what I do for the light 🙂

A dash of personality goes a long way indeed when it comes to decorating a home office. Size does not matter I agree, my home office is tiny but I get the job done and everyone is happy!

I would love a lovely home office, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to home office ideas lol! Natural light is huge for me, I cannot function well without natural light.

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