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SPONSORED: By West 49 ** Opinions expressed are solely my own**

Today I want to share a lovely look with you from a new West 49 Collection!

I was contacted by West49 to shop their new S/S collection and post the look for you all to see ! I can truly say that WEST49 has some cute pieces that I was more than happy to explore!

Initially, I was a tad apprehensive to shop the collection, just because I didn’t know if I would be able to find anything that was truly ME, but  I wrong. I always thought West49 was solely for skateboarding teens; a place to purchase shoes and other material for the sport, but this is not the case at all! From fedora’s to trendy canvas backpacks — they have a great selection of things that I would honestly pick up anywhere! Their new NEON Spirit collection and beyond is fun, vibrant, and flirty — All things I love in how an outfit makes me feel. I looked online before going into the location at Bayshore  (Ottawa, ON) to see what I could find and I initially fell in love with the tribal print maxi skirts and the fun printed tees; trends that I’m loving right now! The staff at the location I visited were AWESOME, friendly and extremely helpful! It was a blast to try on all the looks!

So take a look at what I came up with!! Before stepping in the store, I’d planned to grab a long maxi-skirt in the same tribal print seen below in the dress I am wearing. I was also going to pick up a matching tank to create the impression that I was wearing a maxi dress. Instead,  I went with the cute dress with the subtle lace detail seen below! I paired it with the a Volcom neon green tank that I styled to take on the appearance of a vest! What do you think!?

View the full collection here !!


Tank top – West49 Volcom Tank

Dress – Element Dress [Not Online but in Store]

Hat and bag – H&M

Necklace and Bracelets: Ebay and ALDO

Shoes – A random store in Le Promenade mall, Gatineau

Walk in and see what I mean!!! I’m sure you’ll be able to agree with me as you browse this colourful collection perfect for Spring!


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